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The annvi shop is open!

The annvi shop is open!

Welcome to annvi,
your sustainable lingerie label!


We actually wanted to found the sustainable lingerie label annvi back in 2014. But as it is in life, something always came up. Due to global changes, especially climate change, it is now time to put our ideas into practice.

We are an international team and have been working in the fashion and apparel industry for more than 20 years, mainly in the underwear industry. Most of that time we have spent in Asia, where our paths have crossed. During this time, we have travelled a lot and visited the production sites on site.

Hong Kong Beach view


However, the last few years have been marked by the "high-speed fashion horror" and a ruinous international price war. This almost spoiled the joy of our profession, which is actually characterized by beauty, craftsmanship and creativity. The longing was therefore great to design collections that reflect beauty combined with femininity, quality, craftsmanship, creativity and valuable, sustainable materials.

Our designer Annette is responsible for the development of our collections. She completed her basic training in traditional ladies' tailoring, which unfortunately hardly exists any more these days. All our creations are designed by hand with time and care. Seductive lingerie that doesn't chase after trends thanks to its timeless elegance and sophistication. 

Annette has worked for many years for well-known lingerie labels at home and abroad and has gathered colorful and eventful impressions and experiences through her travels, which she incorporates into our collections. Most of the production of our sustainable lingerie takes place in a German family business and a family business in Hong Kong. As we would also like to contribute to improving the circumstances in Asia in the long term, we support manufactories there that have specialized in fair and resource-saving production processes and are striving for further optimization.

Visit our shop, to learn more about us and annvi!

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