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Environmentally friendly dyeing process „Dope dyed yarn"

What is „Dope dyed yarn"?

Dope dyed yarn is an environmentally friendly and efficient innovation of the dyeing process.

Instead of the usual piece dyeing, where the yarn is first knitted or woven into a fabric that then has to be dyed as a whole, dope dyed yarn is the opposite. The yarn itself is dyed to a pre-selected number of colors, which are then used to make the desired fabric.

Environmentally friendly:

„Dope dyed yarn" already relieves the environment during production. No water is used during the dyeing process. Less chemicals and carbon are needed and the energy consumption is significantly lower.

Efficient process:

Dyeing the yarn directly saves time.

Excellent color fastness:

The fibers are fully impregnated with pigment as the dye is added before knitting. Color fastness, ideal for bright colors, resistant to UV fading and to multiple washings.